Prius Group

Prius Group

M Robert

2nd February 2014

Welcome to the Chicago Prius Group. This website was conceived and created by Prius owners in the Greater Chicagoland area. We schedule meetings in and around Chicago, welcoming Prius owners and perspective hybrid purchasers. Drivers and owners of all hybrid vehicles are welcomed though we focus our discussion on the Toyota Prius. We are committed to helping Prius owners better understand their fascinating vehicle and hopefully improve their overall mileage average. At the same time, we look forward to speaking with the general public, teaching the advantages of hybrid technology and answering the questions of perspective owners.

Who we are

The Chicago Prius Group is comprised entirely of Prius owners in the Greater Chicagoland Area. We enjoy spending time with other Prius owners and educating the general public about our cars. We believe that hybrid vehicles - a technology originally patented more than 100 years ago - is essential in extending the supply of any fuels used to power our vehicles. We are, of course, biased towards the Toyota Prius but welcome owners of other hybrid vehicles to our meetings.

We are committed to helping new Prius owners establish a better understanding of their vehicles. We hope to dispel the misconceptions perpetuated by the general media and those who are afraid of change. We know that once you understand the technology you will learn to love it. We understand that the security of our country is in a large part tied to our reliance on foreign oil and acknowledge that vehicular emissions are contributing to green house gas build-up and the poisoning of our atmosphere.

Don't let the occasional sponsorship throw you off; we are not directly related to any business. However, we reach out to businesses and organizations with whom we can establish mutually beneficial relationships. For example, web hosting was made possible by even though we are not financially tied with them. Also, when we need a location for formal meetings, we contact Chicagoland Toyota dealers to host them.

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Our goals as a group are taken from our sister group, the Milwaukee Hybrid Group. We have adopted the S.T.E.P. program:
  • Support other owners and drivers and answer their questions about their vehicles.
  • Teach hybrid owners to better understand and use their vehicles.
  • Educate the general public about hybrid vehicles.
  • Promote hybrid technology through whatever medium we have at our disposal. Logo